Boys Volleyball

Boys Volleyball

In the Boys Volleyball CCA, participants will engage in a range of training drills to develop their skills and match play. The purpose of this CCA is also to encourage and teach players to work together in preparation for the ACAMIS fixtures which take place throughout the year.

CAS Strand: Activity

This CCA fits under the activity CAS strand as students are required to be physically active and maintain a certain level of fitness to be able to play the game. Students develop this 'match fitness;' through training sessions and sport-specific drills.

Lasallian Principles: Quality Education

A Quality Education includes an holistic approach to learning by engaging in a range of formative experiences. Volleyball allows the students to be involved in a team sport with all the dicipline, determination and working with others that it involves. They must also take on the responsibility of working within a team and representing the school in fixtures.